Relax and have fun in true Italian style while your guests enjoy your generosity with our unlimited* Specialo drinks at your reception and pre-party. Prosecco and Pignoletto flow whilst our drink packages also include red and white wine, mineral water, beer and soft drinks and even an open bar!

unlimited prosecco


Everything is included and everything is arranged by the Specialo team. Return flights, transport, accommodation, our exclusive guests’ events and of course they will enjoy your all-inclusive reception and the pre-party! This is the wedding your guests would want you to have! All they have to do is step on that plane and be there to celebrate with you.

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Stress free, all-inclusive, yet flexible weddings. With our unique Wedding Calculator, just click on the Mix & Match or on the Price page to personalise you wedding. For example: do you want to save on the car but splash out on flowers? You can! Do you want a live band but you are not too fussed about the cake? Just Mix & Match it…It’s your choice. You are in charge!

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A legal, signing ceremony is essential under Italian law and it is organized at the local Town Hall or at any of our registered venues attended, of course, by the Special team and all-inclusive!

We include assistance with and completion of all legal paper work, translation and provision of the legal marriage certificate. Again, all-inclusive!
Beautiful, symbolic ceremonies, held in our exclusive locations, are carried out by certified Celebrants or the Mayor of the town for non-denominational, protestant, same sex weddings or other commitments such as vow renewal. And yes, they are included!

Our Celebrants will personally deal with the wedding couple suggesting a wide selection of ceremonies, poems, prayers, readings, blessings, vows as well as ring exchanges for your consideration and, of course, your personal input and ideas. There are also many suggested themes to choose from and/or adopt. Tea ceremonies, candle and flower ceremonies. Just let our Celebrant know your thoughts and wishes.

romantic catholic wedding ceremony


For any special ideas just let us know, our team is here for you: midnight snacks, circus performances, acrobats, medieval entertainers, illustrators, caricaturists or the ever so popular photo booth, etc. Specialo is here to make it happen.

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