All included in our happy wedding weekend are a choice of guests events.

A unique opportunity to “live the dream” at our visit to Ferrari. Fun for all not just for enthusiasts, Pit Stop challenge, F1 simulator and test the Modena circuit or

A tour of a renowned local vineyard producing Pignoletto, Cabernet, Lambrusco. Tasting included!

Followed by a guided tour of the Rocca di Vignola, one of the most magnificent castle of the Unione Terra dei Castelli (land of the castles).


Visit our friends, the Fiorini family, at their famous “Torre dei Nanni” vineyard set in the beautiful hills of the Colli Modenesi. The family is well known for award winning wines for over 100 years and there is also Balsamic Vinegar production.

See the vineyard, learn the process and sample a wide selection of wines, accompanied by a taste of local salami and cheeses.

Followed by a guided tour to the magnificent Rocca di Vignola one of the strategic feudal castles of the Unione Terre di Castelli (the land of the castles).

Impressive walkways, linking the castle towers, offer wonderful vistas of the surrounding countryside and across the Panaro river. Fabulous grand halls and wonderful original frescoes show the fascinating history of this castle.

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Not only is our region renowned for its castles and vineyards but also for the nearby, world famous, Car Valley, home to Maserati, Paganini and, not least, Ferrari.

Specialo offer a unique opportunity to ‘Live the Dream’ at the dedicated Ferrari Museums in Maranello and Modena. Our guests will find our tour informative, emotive and indeed exciting for all, with the pre-reserved opportunity to experience the F1 Simulator, participate in the timed Pit Stop challenge or even test driving the exacting Modena Aerodrome circuit.


Classic Pit Stop tyre change challenge, guidance and instructions.

The fun competition is captured on film and Specialo guests receive a hard copy album of the unique experience.


Test the semi-professional F1 simulator, a great experience for all, giving the true feeling of the F1 driver. Feel the track, read the surface conditions, understand the true power and exhilarating acceleration. Full instructions given by expert technicians including short paddled selection of gears.

For experts only, upgrade to the professional mode and pit your skills against former competitors.


Accompanied test drive experience in your usual car or similar in challenging the demands of the Modena ‘Aerodrome Circuit’.


For the real enthusiasts (at extra cost) a unique opportunity to test drive real Ferraris on the original Maranello circuit. Please let us know in advance.

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