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When Planning the Perfect Wedding, Take the Time to Dream

by Specialo on June 24, 2019

If you’re planning a wedding, then serious ‘congratulations’ are in order. You’ve an exciting time ahead of you. Pondering over wedding venues and agonising over the smallest of details always evokes a sense of anticipation that is quite unlike any other.  

Yet before you commit to your plans, we encourage you to relax for a while.

Because it’s in these early days that you get to dream about the wedding you and your partner really want.

Now is the time to contemplate the numerous possibilities that will eventually form the basis of your big day and uphold the memories that will stay with you both for many years to come.

Dare to dream

So, sit back for a moment and let your minds wander.

Let Specialo take you to a venue that overlooks the view of timeless hills that gently roll away into the horizon.

To a location where a single church bell chimes in the distance and the scent of citrus and jasmine fills the air on a temperate afternoon.

And to a venue where your guests are illuminated with a peach hue from the fading light of the sunset as they sip chilled prosecco and socialise on a courtyard patio, whilst looking down on the medieval towns and villages below.

For we are taking you to Tuscany: A legendary region that has the ability to turn your dreams into a reality and provide you and your partner with the most unforgettable, romantic backdrop you can possibly imagine.  

Intimate retreat

So, what can you envisage now we’re there?

Are you dreaming of an intimate, small gathering with a select number of guests? Then think how it will feel to experience the motion of a vintage car as it slowly cruises up a long driveway to a medieval hill top hamlet.

Here, with stunning 360° vistas of the glorious surrounding countryside, you can enter a pristinely dressed courtyard in which you can receive a symbolic ceremony among the beautiful gardens of a sensational hillside setting.

Afterwards, you can look forward to celebrating in style and treating your guests to a splendid Tuscan-inspired dinner in a dramatic vaulted dining room.

An enticing prospect, for sure.  

Spellbinding drama

Or perhaps you’re keen to inject some serious ‘wow’ factor into your big day and would prefer the splendour of a ceremony at the 10th century ‘Grand Castello’.

Steeped with history and atmosphere, the backdrop of grand halls and beautiful and original frescoes ceilings will make for some exceptional photographs if you select such a venue for your event.

Grand Castello

And with the option of holding the ceremony in one of the great halls or outside in the impressive courtyard, this jaw-dropping location provides the backdrop for a legendary Fairy-tale wedding that nobody – least of all the happy couple – would want to ever forget.

Contemporary yet classic

Yet as well as cosy hamlets and dramatic palaces, Specialo can also whisk you off to a contemporary yet classic modern country resort for a poolside wedding that offers all the glamour of a Hollywood movie, but with you and your partner in the limelight. 

Panoramic Views From The Locanda Swimming Pool

In the sophisticated setting of our country villa, the views of Modena provide the perfect scenery for a dramatic ‘celebrity style’ event and has a remote location that is perfect for dancing the night away under a star-studded sky.

All this presents itself as the perfect location for filling up your Instagram feed. Your followers will be left looking on in envy!

Bring your wedding dreams to life

Yes, there’s little doubt about it. Tuscany has everything and more to offer a newly engaged couple.

From the weather to the views to the venues, it has exactly what it takes to play host to every type of wedding and event – and kind of couple.

Think a Tuscan wedding might be just beyond your reach? Then think again.

Whether you’re after intimate charm, fairy-tale splendour or contemporary glam, you can afford to let your imaginations run free.

Because Specialo we can make all of your wedding dreams come true, regardless of your particular tastes and budget with a number of all-inclusive packages designed to save money and time.

If you want your wedding to be super special, then give it that Specialo touch. 

Contact us on 0044 (0)7768 030626 or email info@specialo.co.uk.

SpecialoWhen Planning the Perfect Wedding, Take the Time to Dream