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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Venue

by Specialo on October 27, 2017

If your think of your wedding as a gift, the venue is the box and ribbon that holds everything together. Your venue will house your whole ceremony, all your guests, and your reception in one place. Because of this, it is vital that you choose a venue that is right for you. Because we understand just how important a wedding venue is to you, we have put together a list of factors that you really need to think about when choosing your venue. These factors include:

  • The size of your guest list
  • Your budget
  • Your vision of a perfect wedding
  • Guest experience
  • What is included in your venue’s package

Your Guest List

It is always a bit of a nightmare working out exactly how many people will be attending. As anyone who has planned a wedding will tell you, your guest list will always be bigger than you originally intended. Before even looking at potential venues, you need to have a good idea of the total number of people who will be coming. An estimate will be enough to, at least, filter out any venues that will be too small to fit everyone in.

Your Budget

Your venue will be one of the more expensive aspects of your wedding, so you should plan a budget accordingly. Creating a spreadsheet that details exactly how much you have in the pot to spend, and how each choice affects your overall budget is a very good idea. If you set your venue as the first deduction, you will find it easier to work out your budgets for the other aspects of your wedding.

Your Own Personal Vision

Once you have a guest list and a budget sorted, you can find venues that fit your own personal vision. Sit down with your fiancé and talk about exactly what you both want from a venue. Talk about atmosphere, location, whether any guests need disabled access or if the weather is important to you and you need to find a venue abroad.

Guest Experience

Your wedding day is a celebration. With that in mind, your guests should be able to feel the love and happiness as soon as they walk into your venue. The feelings you are conveying by participating in a marriage ceremony should be apparent to everyone in the room, so your venue should amplify everything you are feeling. In that respect, couples going for a more traditional feel will likely utilise a traditional venue, and a more relaxed occasion will probably use a venue that is out of the way. By thinking about your guests experience at your wedding, you can ensure the happiness and love of your special day reaches everyone in the room.

What is Included in Your Venue

Venues sometimes come with varying degrees of service as part of your booking. This means a venue that includes tables, chairs, and other necessities may be more expensive than a venue that requires you to bring your own. When booking a venue, it is important to ask just what comes as part of your booking and what you yourself need to bring. When booking a Italian wedding venue with Specialo, you will be surprised at just how much is included. Your entire wedding is included in the price you pay for your venue. Why pay more for less, when Specialo includes everything?

Booking a wedding venue includes lots of questions that need to be answered before making an informed decision. Here at Specialo, there is only one question that needs answering, “what isn’t included when booking my venue?” The simple answer is, nothing. One simple payment includes every aspect of your wedding, from arrival to departure. You can learn more about our all-inclusive Italian wedding venues here on our website.

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