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5 Reasons to Choose an All-Inclusive Wedding Package

by Specialo on September 27, 2017

There has never been a wedding that didn’t involve meticulous planning.  Making sure every tiny detail is ironed out is a sure fire way to ensure your day goes off without a hitch. The only downside is the huge effort and countless potential problems that can come from hiring lots of different companies for different things.

By contrast, an all-inclusive package makes for a stress free wedding.

Here at Specialo, we offer all-inclusive wedding packages in Italy for the same price as a wedding in the UK. We want more people to understand exactly why they should consider going all-inclusive for a wedding. Here are five reasons you should choose an all-inclusive wedding for your perfect day.

No Surprises on Your Special Day

One of the worst things to happen on your wedding day is a change of plans. Outliers that you didn’t account for can turn the stress levels up to ten, making your wedding more of a chore than a special occasion. With an all-inclusive wedding, this is not a problem. Specialo handle everything, from the venue to the cake to the wedding car and all for one price. We show everything our all-inclusive wedding package includes in black and white, to ensure you understand how much bang you get for your buck. Why not head over to our all-inclusive page to find out more?

Your Guests Will Love It!

Weddings are expensive, and not just for the bride and groom! The people closest to you  also have to pay bar bills, travel, and accommodation. With a Specialo all-inclusive wedding package, a one-off payment per guest will give them access to the whole event! Your wedding party will remember your special day for years to come.

You still get choice of Six Different Venues

Specialo do not tie you down to one venue when you sign up for an all-inclusive package. We like to let our customers see all of Bologna, and really take in its natural beauty. We also like to advise our customers on their venue based on their needs, how can we do this with only one venue? Your options range from a medieval castle to a beautiful local vineyard. Our venues are handpicked based on how perfect they will be for your wedding day. Why not take a look at our wonderful venues and make your own mind up?

The Location Is Perfect

Specialo is based in the Terre di Castelli region, the ‘land of the castles’. It is an hour’s drive from Bologna and is a simply spectacular landscape for a wedding. The backdrop of rolling hills, ancient castles, and rustic vineyards will reflect the emotions and happiness of your wedding. Bologna is also easily accessible from most UK airports, meaning paradise is easier to reach than you expect! For more information about why you should choose Bologna for your wedding, why not read our featured article?

Guest Events Are Included

Your all-inclusive wedding package includes events to make the weekend as special as possible. Specialo currently have two fantastic guest options to choose from. The first is a vineyard and castle tour, giving you an insight into the Fiorini family’s famous ‘Torre dei Nanni’. You’ll see how the vineyard works on a day to day basis, and will get the chance to sample some fine wines and cheese. The second event is a tour around the famous Ferrari museum. you’ll learn the history of Ferrari and be given the chance to test your mettle in the F1 simulator. No matter the choice, you’ll be in awe of what we have to offer.

An all-inclusive wedding is everything you need in one service. Why rely on many different companies to make your day special, when it can be done all under one roof? We here at Specialo make it our mission to ensure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch, and make it completely stress free for you! For more information on our all-inclusive wedding packages please contact a member of our team on 07768 030626 or send us an email.

Specialo5 Reasons to Choose an All-Inclusive Wedding Package